Why Save Forests: Forests for People

90% of all poor people in the world depend on forests not only for livelihoods but also as a source of food, energy and medicine. Its not only poor people who need forests. 60% of all major cites in the developing world depend on water sourced from forests.
The problem:
For a person living in the forested hills of the Western Ghats (India), clear felling and burning of forests seems to be the only way to make ends meet. Unless it makes economic sense, the villager is unlikely to conserve forests or trees on his land or in his village.
The solution:
With your support, we partner with rural communities to protect and re-grow forests. Legally binding agreements are made with groups of farmers and incentives are provided to make forest conservation economically viable.
How can you get involved?
The burden of forest conservation cannot be borne by rural communities alone. Almost 30 million acres of forests are cleared globally every year! Click here to make a difference!