About Us

Who We Are?
“My Forest” is an initiative of the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF). The AERF is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to forest conservation in India since 1994. For more information about the AERF, please visit our website click here !
What We do?
Deforestation is a complex issue that has no single solution. However, working with people who live near forests is a key in solving this problem.

At AERF, we build partnerships with rural communities to protect and re-grow forests. Groups of farmers sign agreements for not clearing forests on their lands. In turn, we provide them with incentives to make forest conservation economically viable. Learn more about our Work

Where we work?
We work in one of the most threatened forested regions of the world. The Western Ghats of India is a global biodiversity hotspot. A majority of forests and the unique biodiversity of the Western Ghats are still unprotected and hundreds of acres of forests are cleared every year! Learn more about the Western Ghats
What can you do?
We invite you to join hands with us to Save the Forests of the Western Ghats. Here is how you can get involved: